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Winter Store Hours: M-F 10-7,  Sat 10-6,  Sun Closed

We are available before & after hours on M-F for new bike purchases and bike fittings (by appointment only)



Service Center

Our professional mechanics offer the very best in cycling specific services. From simple tire
changes to complete overhauls and custom wheel building, we do it all. 
Please stop into our Service Center for a free estimate.

Bicycle Tune-Up Packages

Note: All Tune-Up prices are for Labor Only and do not include parts.

Safety Check - $50*

We would suggest this service if your bike seems to be

fine, but you want to make sure it is safe and ready to ride.

Includes properly inflating tires, lubricate chain,

minor gear index adjustment, minor brake tension adjustment,

check hardware (bolts for tightness), and a quick wipe down of frame & wheels.


Standard Tune-Up (Juvenile & BMX) - $65*

Includes adjusting brakes, bearings (hubs/bottom bracket),

headset, properly tension chain, minor wheel true,

lube drivetrain, inflate tires, and a safety inspection.


Standard Tune-Up - $85*

Includes adjusting brakes, shifters, headset, minor wheel true,

lube drivetrain, inflate tires, and a safety inspection.


Standard Tune-Up (Department Store Bikes) - $90*

Due to the lower quality parts used on most Department Store bicycles,

these tune-ups take longer to complete.

Includes adjusting brakes, shifters, headset, minor wheel true,

lube drivetrain, inflate tires, and a safety inspection.


Major Tune-Up - $125**

Includes Standard Tune-Up, plus:

Lateral wheel true in truing stand, hub/bottom bracket adjustment,

cleaning of drive train (on bike), thorough wipe down of frame & wheels,

inspection of gear & brake cables/housing (includes labor for replacement if necessary).


Complete Clean & Tune - $185**

Includes Major Tune-Up, plus:

Removes, cleans, re-installs, adjusts and lubricates complete drivetrain and brakes,

also includes labor for installation of cables and housing if necessary.


Complete Overhaul - $275**

Complete disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly of the entire bicycle including

cleaning and rebuilding the hubs, bottom bracket, and headset where applicable. 

Also includes labor for installation of any additional parts, cables, handlebar tape etc. 

Does not include suspension/fork overhauls.

Note: A shop service fee of $5* or $10** is added to each tune up package, to cover the cost of rags, lubes & recycling


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